Sunday, August 19, 2007

When I began-Update Mar20 07

Lately for me and the 35% h2o2, I have long made it past the beginning detox faze, where you increase each drop per day for 27 days, and now I am just drinking 20 drops 2-3x a day. I take one-a-day multi vitamin and 500mg of vitamin c with lunch and take another vitamin c with dinner.
So far the only time I have experienced an OB was during detox and when I decided to go off regimin for a week to see what would happen. I have ran out of oil of oregano. So I do not know if it was beneficial or not. But I am continuing with the h2o2, it has proven to me to be very effective. Plus the dmso whenever an OB happens is extremely effective as well on sores.
Even if I feel a little tingle, especially when I am about to have my period. I just have a drink of 20 drops in my 8oz water and chase it with some juice to kill the after taste and the tingling is gone within the hour. I have lately been drinking welches 100% grape juice. It turns out that not only cranberry juice but any kind of juice saturated in a dark natural color of red, purple or even blue, is very good for kidney or urinary problems, if you have any. The juices are very high in good enzymes.
I must admit, it was hard getting myself deciplined enough not eat before taking my daily dosage. But it was all very worth it. I continue to eat what I want. But the junk food I used to eat is almost non-existent. Closest thing to junk food I eat now is all natural Haagen Doz ice-cream. I do stay completely away from foods made with fake sugar. I finally got my granny to stop eating that crap, but she wanted to cut down on sugar, so now she uses honey.
It is amazing I spent only $44 on a gallon of this stuff and I still have a 1/2 a gallon left and no OB. I will just keep this up until I can get the real Bio-oxidative treatment.
I do want to remind everyone that I am not a doctor of any kind. I am just an infected person just like you, with determination just like you. All I do is read and research in my spare time and take risks with these alternative remedies because I have hope just like all of you. I truely appreciate all of you, who are complete strangers that are willing to help so many others by sharing you experiences with me.
The fact that this at home remedy I have chosen to try is not only working but has not killed me or caused any adverse reaction, has truely proven the FDA wrong, and has proven that they are untrust worthy in my book.
Plus when it comes to these doctors, and the list I gave out, it is up to all of you to do your research on them. I don't have time to do everything for you. That is why I agreed to give out all this reading material in the initial emails I sent to you. It is just like that old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink it." or "You can go catch a fish for a man and he will eat for a day, or you can teach him how to fish and he will never go hungry."
Some of you maybe wondering why I haven't just started a blogger page for all of us to get on. Which would make this a hell of a lot easier for all of us especially me.
The truth is, I am extremely paranoid.
I feel that if this does work, someone will swoop down very quickly and kill all the information we have all gathered. And with privacy laws in this country no one has the right to go into your email without your permission unless you are threat to security. And it doesn't take common since to know that we are no threat. We just want to be healthy.
==============================================================Message From K
oil of oragano- -best quality and price plus other supplements-collidial silver...etc
I got the book flood your body with oxygen by ed mccabe. If your are going to spend money on oxygen therapy spend $20 on this book, its on Amazon. It has so much info.==============================================================
I will be buying this book. Thanks K
==============================================================Message from fdoubledees
Hi I don't mind others having my emails out there but please send your email with (no subject)I feel more empowered and fueled to deal with this mess since reaching out. Also to you Alicia if you feel overwhelmed with this searched then delegate because none of us need extra stress. I am living in California and love the fact that we are going for the gusto.==============================================================
Thanks fdoubledees, I truely appreciate your willingness to help. Be sure if I need extra help you will be the first I will ask. As of now, it is now so bad. Plus please let me know everything you experience on your visit on MARCH 30!! I am so excited for you. Believe me I need as much first hand info as possible, no matter if it is positive or negative. I am praying for you. The reason why I haven't gone in is because of financial reasons.
But please share everything take a note pad with you so you don't forget anything.
==============================================================Message from Chuck
Anybody heard or did any Homeopthy Treatment. I have contacted about 5 Homeopathic Doctors in India. They claim that virus can be elimiated from one's body if you follow the treatment. Homepathic Doctor from India gave me the following procedure but I haven't tired it yet. You can find the following medicine at local Health or Vitamins Shoppe. Tablets are 7 to 10 dollars Day 1: Hepar Sulf. 1m / 5ml/No. 40 globules 5 tablets chew on the tongue at 7am on empty stomach, than 5 tablets chew on the tongue 12pm (with or without food?) and 5 tablets chew on the tongue at 5pm (emtpy stomach or with food?)After this DO NOT take any medicine for 48hrs. Is that correct? Day 3: Acid Nitricum 1m/5ml/no.40 globules 5 tablets chew on the tongue at 7am on empty stomach, than 5 tablets chew on the tongue 12pm (with or without food?) and 5 tablets chew on the tongue at 10pm (emtpy stomach or with food?)After this DO NOT take any medicine for 1 week. After one month repeat the same. Any circumstances no ointment applied-only unmedicated vaseline applied. If you need more information, feel free to email me back. Chuck==============================================================